Children's Dentistry
When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

This is a very common question, we recommend bringing your child to the dentist from the age of two, these early ages are the very important to build the trust between the dentist and the child.  This would significantly reduce the risk of your child developing dental anxiety down the track.

Why baby teeth are just as important
Baby teeth are very important to your child's health and development. They help him or her chew, speak and smile. They also hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are growing under the gums.
Fissure Sealant
Fissure sealants are thin coatings of white or clear dental material applied to the grooves (fissures) and pits of teeth. Most fissure sealants are applied to chewing surfaces of molars (back teeth). They protect the tooth surface from tooth decay by keeping food and plaque out of the grooves.

The Australiasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recommend that the first dental check up takes place after the first baby tooth has appeared and no later than twelve months of age.

Early Detection
Establish trust
Relax and Child Friendly Environment
Great Oral Hygiene

The baby teeth are incredibly important as their health sets the tone for your child’s future, adult smile. Which is why we encourage early and regular care

Comfort and convenience matter most for children. After all, they are often prone to dental anxiety and a general uneasiness about what’s to come. Our team understands this, which is why we offer netflix, music, a range of child friendly flavours and more to ensure your child feels comfortable from the moment they enter our office.

We are located next to the children’s play ground (Kids Corner) in the North Kellyville Square.

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